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If you are a wine freak like us, you’ve just landed in the right space – a safe place where you can unashamedly read and explore all there is to know about wine and more. If you are a lifestyle fanatic, you will still find something that will tickle your interests. Wondering who we are? We are Edna and Gift, two good friends, wine buddies, keen wine drinkers – and it goes without saying, we are wine freaks, hence, the name Wine Drifters. We’ve known each other for a very long time. We clicked from the very first day we met, and we knew we were going to be the best of friends for a lifetime. Just so you know, when we say “best of friends” in actual sense, we mean “best of wine buddies”. This is simply because we enjoy a bottle of wine or two, maybe more whenever we get together.

How did we meet?
Believe it or not, we worked together at one of the fancy Camps Bay restaurants as waiters. We always marveled at the extensive wine range the restaurant boasted and we always told each other “One day, we’ll have a wine collection like this.” While working at the restaurant, we had the opportunity to take part in wine training and tasting sessions together and that’s when our love for wine grew and the rest is a tale. Our best memory at that time was not work, but rather the time we knocked off, 3 pm. We would leave work hurriedly to get the best spot at a popular al fresco restaurant in the city where we savored in a bottle or two of our favorite at that time, Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir, before heading home.

What’s New
What’s New

Stay updated with our South African wine escapades. Views expressed on this blog are solely our own.

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Our Tours

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Where Are We Now?

At some point, we had to grow up! So we did, however, remaining young at heart and with no shame, an ever-growing and an insatiable thirst for fine wines. Edna has, over the years stepped into the digital marketing world and has fallen in love with tour guiding, digital marketing, social media, and blogging. Gift has taken the wine enthusiast in him a step further and has become a qualified sommelier at a renowned wine farm in Stellenbosch. Coupling our professions and interests, we bring you this blog, where we will nourish you with our wine adventures as we explore different South African and international wines, where possible. You will also have the pleasure to learn more about yoga, craft gins – another growing interest of ours and other various lifestyle facets and trends we may find interesting and worth exploring. We hope you enjoy spending some time on our blog and trust that it entertains, invigorates and inspires you the same way it does to us. Find out more about us and get to know us personally.

Stay tuned with our posts to get the latest news as we explore established spaces and unearth the less traveled wine and lifestyle roads!