Earn Extra Cash, Become An Airbnb Experience Host

There are times when we wish we could earn more to afford certain luxuries, save for a holiday, or simply save to buy a car, a  house, medical aid or even save for the future. It’s simply not always possible, let’s face it, we’ve all been there, we think about these things more often than we think we don’t. Well, we just might have a solution! Guess what? Airbnb Experience Host. You can now earn extra cash just by becoming an Airbnb Experience Host. You can earn the extra income by sharing your hobbies with tourists or by sharing with them special, unique and cultural experiences your town or city offers. These can range from cooking classes, wine tours, and tastings, photography, cultural tours to music, and arts and crafts classes. You know better what you do best and what you’d enjoy showcasing to the swamps of tourists who travel for experiences.

Becoming and Experience Host doesn’t cost you anything, just 20% commission on each booking made via Airbnb. You can set your own availability and a number of min/max number of people you want on a specific date too. Not only will it increase the chances of getting booked but you can get wonderful reviews on the platform which encourages even more bookings. You will also gain (in terms of digital marketing) results such as website increased visibility and ranking on search engines and can be a major boost to your site’s SEO. If you do not have a website, that’s still fine, you really don’t have to have one.

All you need to do is follow this link and start creating your experiences: http://mkt.cm/Sf88 Please be advised that Airbnb will approve the experience. Should it be rejected, you will be notified with reason and you can appeal if you want to try again.

Airbnb pays for signing you up so if you are interested, please use the link above and get a step closer to making yourself extra cash. If you need any assistance or have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you all through your Airbnb Experience Host journey.

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