eKasi Sunday Wine Down: Wine & Music Festival

Sunday is a day to relax, chill and spend quality time with family and friends. For most people, Sunday was made for a nice lunch on the porch or in the garden, while for some, a day out at a restaurant makes the day. It’s not quite like that in eKasi – the street name for township. In eKasi, Sunday is just like any other day, the streets are lively and full of people. Some amble through the streets just to soak in the atmosphere while others are making their way to church or to the closest smokolweni – tavern or Shisa Nyama – a place where barbequed meat is sold. Whatever it is, people just carry on with the day and it works just fine. Given that we never make the opportunity to visit the township, Ekasi Wine Tasting & Music Festival was a true eye-opener.  Being at the event unearthed the side of Cape Town we never knew existed. The event left us in awe, and we could wish there would be more functions of this kind.

The idea behind the event!
Hosted on the 27th of January 2019, by a black-owned brand promotion company, More2xplore, Ekasi Wine Tasting & Music Festival was surely an event that got people talking. As most would say, it was “lit”, we couldn’t agree more! The venue of the festival was Guga S’thebe Arts & Cultural Center in one of Cape Town’s oldest township, Langa. The concept behind the event is to bring wine to eKasi while fostering the culture of drinking within the community. 

Participating wineries, Nederburg Wines, Alto Wines, 4th Street, J.C. Le Roux, Pongrácz, Plaisir de Merle and Drostdy Hof, showcased a few wines from their ranges. It was a truly exciting experience! On DJ line-up were Big Wande, Mpohoza Fantastik, Ms. Eve SA, Portia Luma, Bee DeeJay, T Nala Pisce, and Live Percussion. They really got the place grooving and filled the ambiance with incredible vibes.

For us, it was more of a cultural experience than anything, besides, of course, the wine and the music. We certainly look forward to the next eKasi Wine Tasting & Music Festival, and perhaps any other event like this one. Our special thanks go to More2xplore for making this happen and making South Africa shine as a wine brand.

Stay tuned to find out more about our wine adventures as we drift through the wine roads!

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