Foodies vs. Winos; A So Social Charity Event

It goes by so many titles, Foodies vs Winos,  Bring a Magnum,  or if you prefer Boule Day,  we’re all still talking about the same affair. This year, Foodies vs Winos was pretty much our grand entrance to 2019, and the venue, Warwick Wine Estate couldn’t have been any better.

Foodies vs Winos is an annual charity event, yet so social an affair. It is a boule shoot out between the top Foodies and Winos in the food and wine industry, yet in actual sense, it’s a perfect occasion for foodies and winos to guzzle magnum wines. Everybody brings a magnum of their choice and once you pop it into the ice bucket or leave at the bar, it’s a now share and be merry situation. If you are that person that drinks whatever is available, this is an occasion you want to see yourself attending. For extroverts, Boule Day is a great appeal and a perfect occasion to get social. You get to meet, greet and network. If you are a real talker, you’ll find great talkers alike. For those with super egos,  the event is a perfect challenge, for you’ll find yourself competing with like-minded people in a boule de jeux battle.

We arrived a little late, the games had already begun but we got there during the lunch interval – talk about right timing. On the lunch table was a fresh summer salad, quiche, roast beef or lamb if not mistaken, and what we assumed was coq au vin. Pity we couldn’t have a taste because we were observing Veganuary, so we were stuck to the summer salad which was refreshing and delicious, make no mistake! After lunch, the competitors headed back to the battlefield while the rest either spectated or carried on socializing and networking, which we can admit, we mostly did. Cape cheese boards with preserves were served like olive tapenade and fig spread. For dessert, salted caramel, Belgian chocolate and some made with Warwick Wines, they couldn’t have made any better a dessert on a scorching summer’s day.

Games carried on and everyone seemed delighted seeing and meeting each other. Notable industry players that attended included Matt Manning, chef-restaurateur representing Grub and Vine. Guys from Val du Charron, Radford Dale, Oneiric Wines, Kumusha Wines, The Test Kitchen, Riverine Rabbit, to name a few, were such a pleasure talking to.

Well, all good things do come to an end and that meant one team had to be the champs of the day. After much contest among the contenders,  team  Bosman took the cup and it was well-deserved. The prize money was R10 000 which went to a charity organization of the winning team’s choice.  With all this said, we can only say, we can’t wait for Foodies vs Winos 2020.

Stay tuned to find out more about our wine adventures as we drift through the wine roads!

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