KWV Cellar Tour, South Africa’s Finest

Flaunting a distinguished heritage in the South African Wine Industry, one cannot doubt that KWV has one of the finest cellars in the country offering an incredible cellar tour experience.

KWV was established in 1918, as Koöperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging, which translates to Co-operative Winemakers Union’ of South Africa.
Grapes are expertly handled and transported to KWV’s cellar facilities in Paarl in the Cape Winelands With its stunning location in Paarl Wine Valley, KWV is a global player in the world of wine and boasts many award-winning wines, spirits, and liqueurs and a variety of experiences for visitors to enjoy. These include visiting the iconic Cathedral Cellar, House of Fire, Wine Emporium and the Sensorium. KWV facilities cover approximately 32 hectares, and at its heart, the world-famous Cathedral Cellar built in 1930 rests right there.

The Cathedral Cellar has been the playground of some of South Africa’s legendary winemakers and industry stalwarts. Step into the cellar and journey with us as we share this beautiful space’s engraved legacy…KWV

The cellar tour offers guests an insight into the operations of the conglomerate and a journey through storytelling, walking through the cellars and the opportunity to tastes some of KWV’s exceptional wines, an ultimate wine escapade. What was sensationally incredible for us was the aesthetically pleasing barrels at in the Cathedral Cellar. This is tour is a definite must do to and if we recommend it, it’s best you put it on your Cape Winelands itinerary.

Stay tuned to find out more about our wine adventures as we drift through the wine roads!

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